MWCC and WeTribu join forces to enhance management leadership


MWCC and WeTribu join forces to enhance management leadership

imagen MWCC and WeTribu join forces to enhance management leadership
  • The cooperation between both entities will promote the promotion of business leadership and the personal well-being of the organizations’ directors in Madrid.
  • An environment of trust among peers where leaders, who share challenges, can connect and grow together.


WeTribu and the Madrid Capital Global association (MCWW), made up of the main business and public entities in the economic fabric around urban solutions, have signed a collaboration agreement.

The agreement seeks to facilitate and consolidate leadership in companies, where business ambitions and the well-being of organizations are maintained in a sustainable manner.

The WeTribu – MCWW collaboration will especially prioritize joint actions that drive tangible solutions and innovation as a result of brilliant minds working together.

MCCW will promote the Wetribu method, already validated by its more than 70 members and presenting an annual renewal rate of 85%.

MWCC is an association promoted by the Madrid City Council and the Community of Madrid whose purpose is the relationship and cooperation between partners for the strengthening, revitalization, expansion and promotion of urban solutions, as well as the associated industry and materials.

Made up of 187 partners, MWCC works to position Spain, and in particular its capital, as an international reference center in education, training and R&D&I, in advice, design, construction, financing and project management, as well as in organization of conferences, conferences and fairs.

WeTribu is an exclusive community of owners, founders and CEOs of companies that have a turnover of more than €1M.

People who are part of WeTribu are able to contribute more significantly to the success and continuous improvement of their companies, grow as leaders and have a more full and balanced life.