MWCC and Plena Institución Madrid visit the CIRVITE facilities


MWCC and Plena Institución Madrid visit the CIRVITE facilities

imagen MWCC y Plena Inclusión Madrid visitan las instalaciones de CIRVITE

The Board of Directors of MWCC and Plena Institución Madrid have visited the CIRVITE facilities. The objective of the visit lies in bringing the reality of intellectual disability within society closer. This action has allowed interaction between people from the group and professionals from the participating companies.

The federated entity Cirvite has shown its occupational center and sheltered housing, located in Madrid. In addition, during the visit they have been able to show us one of the first Passivhaus homes for older people with intellectual or developmental disabilities.

The action has included activities with people with intellectual disabilities such as physical exercise / ballroom dancing, pottery, escape room and cooking with easy-to-read recipes.

The Madrid World Capital of Construction, Engineering and Architecture Association (MWCC) was born on March 4, 2020, promoted by the Madrid City Council. MWCC has shown its strength and has established an environment in which to develop public-private collaboration between different public administrations and private entities.

Currently, MWCC brings together more than 140 leading public and private organizations in innovation, sustainability, engineering, construction, design of urban solutions, university education and international financing. Likewise, it has been possible to generate, taking advantage of the leadership of our country in multiple sectors, a public and private ecosystem that presents a high degree of specialization, and which also forms a focus for attracting investment and talent, thus constituting a guarantee of future projection. and progress.

Among the partners they have multinational construction, engineering, architecture studios, professional associations, universities, financial entities, investment funds, technology companies, insurance companies, certifying companies, auditors… as well as more than 50 public entities and associations of the highest level In our country.

Today’s visit has once again demonstrated that whoever wants to can. That there should be no discrimination on the diversity or not of people, as well as on their abilities. MWCC is an entity committed to entities such as CIRVITE, which work for social cohesion, equality and integration of different groups.