MWCC and IESE Business School celebrate the day “Madrid, one of the 100 Climate Neutral Cities”


MWCC and IESE Business School celebrate the day “Madrid, one of the 100 Climate Neutral Cities”

imagen MWCC and IESE Business School celebrate the day “Madrid, one of the 100 Climate Neutral Cities”

MWCC and IESE Business School have celebrated the day “Madrid, one of the 100 Climate-Neutral Cities”. This act has brought together numerous public and private entities, exposing Madrid as a great opportunity for the destination of public and private investments. It presented the city as a focus for attracting investment, companies, talent and sustainability.

The first 100 cities to pursue climate neutrality in 2030 will have great political and economic visibility, especially in the context of the European Green Pact and the general effort of the European Union to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 55% by 2030 To achieve this objective, the Madrid City Council has put in place different measures aimed at its achievement/achievement, such as Madrid360. But, in addition, it counts with the support of the private agents, fundamental to be able to position the city as a center of reference in sustainability and innovation. This act is an example of this collaboration and existing harmony between the public sector and the private sector in the city that is promoted so much from the institutions of Europe. . The institutional opening was developed by the Delegate de Medio Ambiente y Movilidad del Ayuntamiento de Madrid, Borja Carabante, and he explains the future planning of the city of Madrid around Madrid, one of the 100 Climate-Neutral Cities of the European Union.

Next, Julio Lumbreras, professor at the Universidad Politécnica and a member of NetZeroCities, exposes the projects and the importance of the European Union in the development of cities and urban, sustainable, efficient and designed solutions under a circular economy prism.

The day ended with a round table moderated by Professor José Luis Suárez and the participation of Paloma Fra, Managing Director, Eurofinance Ingenuity; José María Ortega Antón, General Coordinator of Urban Development of the Ayuntamiento de Madrid; David García Nuñez, President, MWCC; and Esther Badiola, Senior Climate Action Advisor, Banco Europeo de Inversiones. All of them disseminated the Madrid Climate Pact as well as the shared objectives and commitments of the city, connecting directly with public-private collaboration. Promoted the common vision of Madrid Climatic City as a focus of attraction for sustainable and innovative investment for the development of key projects in the future of the city. It added to Madrid’s Climate Ciudad’s ambition to be a center of attraction for young talent and European qualifications through the planning of the city of the future.

The event was closed by Maciej Berestecki, Press and political officer, de la Comisión Europea en España.

All the public and private entities that make up the Madrid business ecosystem are committed to positioning the city as a reference in sustainability and innovation, thus improving the quality of life of its citizens.