MWCC and Global Shapers Madrid publish the list of the second edition “35 under 35”


MWCC and Global Shapers Madrid publish the list of the second edition “35 under 35”

imagen MWCC and Global Shapers Madrid publish the list of the second edition “35 under 35”

MWCC and Global Shapers Madrid, launched last July the second edition of the “35 under 35” ranking. After the success of the first edition, the objective of this new ranking lies in the elaboration of a list of the most influential young engineers and architects, up to 35 years of age, in Spain and Madrid. For both entities, the talent, innovation and transformation capacity of cities and business ecosystems is fundamental, and constitutes a necessary lever of change for the growth of society and cities as a whole.

More than 470 applications have been received, 37% more than the previous edition, from engineers and architects whose capacity for innovation and talent are key to the present and future of society. 369 engineers have participated in this second edition /as of multiple specialties and 100 architects, which shows the drive and talent of our universities and sector.

A multidisciplinary jury with proven experience, made up of representatives from different professional associations, IE Real State Club, Alicante University, Cesce, Banco Caminos, FCC, MWCC and Global Shappers, with the support of the Madrid City Council, have analyzed the applications and made the list of the second edition of the “35 under 35” most relevant engineers and architects. From this list, the active participation of the academic world and companies such as Ferrovial, Arup, Sacyr, HSBC, Ayesa, IDOM, Crea Madrid Nuevo Norte, as well as different entrepreneurial projects, stands out.

Of the 35 under 35, we highlight the top ten, ordered from highest to lowest score: Araceli Martin Candilejo, Ara Gonzalez Cabrera, Pablo Diego Pastor, Elisa Pozo Menéndez, Jose Manuel Sanz Garcia, Guillermo Martinez Pajares, Juan Antonio Vicente Alfonso, Ignacio Embid Ruiz, Eduardo Chamorro Martin, Ines Lucia Ovejero.

The total list of selected candidates:

Position  Candidate Studies Company
1 Araceli Martín Candilejo Doctor Civil Engineering, UPM UPM
2 Ara González Cabrera Master in Architect, UPM Socia estudio González Arquitectos SLP
3 Pablo Diego Pastor Master in Architect, UEM Foster + Partners
4 Elisa Pozo Menéndez Architect, UPM (master) Fundación Matia Profesora máster Instituto Europeo di Design (IED)
5 José Manuel Sanz García Civil Engineering, UPM (master) Rauros Zm
6 Guillermo Martínez Pajares Master in Architecture, London Met. U. ARUP
7 Juan Antonio Vicente Alfonso Master in Civil Engineering, UA HSBC
8 Ignacio Embid Ruíz de Conejo Master in Civil Engineering, UPM Ferrovial Construcción
9 Eduardo Chamorro Martín Architect, CEU (master)        IAAC       FabLab Barcelona
10 Inés Lucía Ovejero Andrés     Master in Civil Engineering, UPM Ingreen Inovación
11 Javier Abanades Tercero Doctor in Civil Engineering, Plymouth U. TYPSA
12 Marina Jiménez Galindo Civil Engineering, UGR (master) Aqualia
13 Adrián Escobar Pastor Doctor in Civil Engineering, UPM MITMA
14 Elia González Building Engineering, UPM (degree) Kosmos DK ApS Fundadora
15 Ángel Luis Arquero Martínez Technical Engineering of Civil Works, UPM (degree) AQUATEC, PROYECTOS PARA EL SECTOR DEL AGUA
16 Elena Corredor Tamurejo Architect, UGR (Master) ARCADIS
17 Carmen Caminero Muñoz Civil Engineering, UPM (master) EDP Renewables
18 Luis Santos Sánchez Civil Engineering, UPM (master) Arenas & Asociados (Madrid)
19 Sarai Diaz García Doctor Civil Engineering, UCLM UCLM
20 Arturo Rodríguez López Architect, CEU (master) RAINFORTH GRAU ARCHITECTS
21 Daniel Andrés Jaen Matute Civil Engineering, UPM (master) MOTT MACDONALD
22 Noa González Architect, UPM (master) Socia Estudio González Arquitectos S.L.P
23 Enrique Ortega Molina Master in Architecture, UPM Raúl Almenara estudio
24 Alejandro López Parejo Master in Architecture, UAH Ayto. Getafe
25 Pablo Tardío González Graduated in Civil Engineering, UPM IDOM
26 Daniel Montero Miguel Civil Engineering, UPM (master) SACYR
27 David Navarro Salmerón Civil Engineering, UPM (master) Bureau Veritas
28 Claudio Cabral Dias Civil Engineering, U. Oporto (master) AYESA
29 Conrado Gallardo García Civil Engineering, UPM (master) Ferrovial
30 Aitor Pérez Suescun Civil Engineering, UC (master) STRABAG International GmbH
31 Fernando Ceballos Martínez Civil Engineering, UPM (master) TYPSA
32 Rodrigo Manuel Moltó Martín Civil Engineering, UPM (master) MITMA
33 Aida Santos Santamaría Master in Civil Engineering, UPM GEOCONTROL
34 Marta Hidalgo Álvarez Civil Engineering, UCLM (master) ARUP
35 Felipe García Gómez Doctor in Civil Engineering, UBU ARTEPREF