MWCC and Global Shapers Madrid publish the list “35 under 35”


MWCC and Global Shapers Madrid publish the list “35 under 35”

image MWCC and Global Shapers Madrid publish the list “35 under 35”

The Madrid World Capital Association of Construction, Engineering and Architecture and Global Shapers Madrid, launched the project “35 under 35” last February. Its objective is to draw up a list of the most influential young engineers and architects, up to 35 years of age, in Spain and Madrid. For both entities, talent, innovation and the capacity to transform cities and business ecosystems is fundamental, and constitutes a necessary lever of change for the growth of society.

More than 370 applications have been received from engineers and architects whose capacity for innovation and talent are key to the present and future of society. 236 engineers and 134 architects have participated in this first edition, which shows the drive and talent of our universities and sector.

A jury made up of representatives of the Polytechnic University of Madrid, University of Navarra, Madrid Demarcation of the College of Civil Engineers, COAM, Wires,, FCC, MWCC and Global Shappers, with the support of the Madrid City Council, have analyzed the applications and they have made a list of the “35 under 35” most relevant engineers and architects. From this list, the active participation of companies such as Ferrovial, FCC, Aqualia, INECO, ADIF, Universidad Alfonso X, CRBE, JLL, UPM, architecture studios such as: BOD Arquitectura, Raul Almenara Arquitectos, Dhoce Arquitectura; as well as different entrepreneurship projects.

Of the 35 under 35, we highlight the top ten, ordered from highest to lowest score: Javier Abanades Tercero (engineer of roads, channels and ports from the University of Castilla La Mancha, currently working at Typsa), Jaime de Marco Mendivil (engineer of public works of the UPM, currently working in Dominio EC Iberia), Cesar Hernández Maya (civil engineer and public works technician by UPM, entrepreneur), Marina Jiménez Galindo (engineer of roads, channels and ports by the University of Granada, currently working at Aqualia-FCC), Pablo Francés Fernández (public works technical engineer from the U. Cantabria, currently working at FCC Construcción), Angel Contreras Fernández (road, canal and port engineer from UPM, currently working at Ferrovial), Javier Rojo Sanz (road, channel and port engineer from U. Cantabria, currently working at Ferrovial), Daniel A Jaén Matute (road, channel and port engineer from UPM, trab aja currently in INECO), Louis Couceiro Martinez (road, canal and port engineer for UAX, currently working at UAX) and Andrea Martinez Maroto (UPM civil engineer, currently working at Ferrovial).

The total list of selected candidates:

Position  Candidates  Studies Company
1 Javier Abanades Tercero ICCP-U. Castilla Mancha TYPSA
2 Jaime de Marco Mendivil ITOP-UPM Dominion EC Iberia
3 Cesar Hernández Maya ICivil y OP-UPM Emprendedor
4 Marina Jiménez Galindo ICCP-U. Granada Aqualia
5 Pablo Francés Fernández ITOP-U. Cantabria FCC
6 Ángel Contreras Fernández ICCP-UPM Ferrovial
7 Javier Rojo Sanz ICCP-U. Cantabria Ferrovial
8 Daniel Andrés Jaén Matute ICCP-UPM INECO
9 Luis Couceiro Martínez ICCP-UAX UAX
10 Andrea Martínez Maroto ICCP-UAX Ferrovial
11 Luis A. Herrero Hernández ITOP-ICCP-UPM Ing., Estudios, Proy. Europeos
12 Jorge García Páramo ICCP-UAX JLL
13 Carlos Samanes García ICCP-U. Cantabria ADIF
14 Inés Bolívar Rodríguez Arquitecta-ETSAM FCC
15 Héctor Fernández Prada Arquitecto-U Ceu Dhoce Arquitectura
16 Valentina Oquendo di Cosola Arquitecta-U. Venezuela UPM
17 Emilio Prous Pindado ICCP-UPM INECO
18 Javier María Madrid Benito Arquitecto – UPM Fenwich Iribarren Architects
19 Pablo Diego Pastor Arquitecto- U. Europea  
20 Daniel Fernández Prada Arquitecto-U. San Pablo CEU Dhoce Arquitectura
21 Luca Lörtscher Jucker Ingeniero-U. ETH Zurich Dhoce Arquitectura
22 Jorge Sotelo de Santiago Arquitecto-U. San Pablo CEU Alvarez Sotelo Arquit.
23 Rafael Perea Mínguez ITOP (U.P Valencia)-ICivil (UCM) Vielca Ingenieros
24 Álvaro Martín Heras ICCP-UAX. IOPublicas-UPM Amazon
25 Paula Manzano Salcedo Arquitecta- U. Europea MS.SM Arquitectos
26 Adolfo Gutiérrez Sánchez Arquitecto-U. San Pablo CEU Ferrovial
27 Lucía Ortiz Herrandorena ICCP-U Cantabria CBRE
28 Pablo Tardío González Ingeniero Civil- UPM SENER
29 Alberto Redondo Martín ICCP-UPM BOD Arquitectura
30 Raúl Almenara Domínguez Arquitecto-Bellas Artes-EAUPM Raul Almenara
31 Antonio Ortiz de Solórzano García ICCP-UPM Ferrovial
32 Irene Ibisate Domínguez Arquitecta-UAX C95Creative
33 Álvaro García Segura Arquitecto-U. San Pablo CEU Commuty
34 José A. Rodríguez de la Cruz ICCP-UPM AGA
35 Juan A. Martínez Ortega ICCP-UPM INECO