MWCC actively participates in Madrid Platform


MWCC actively participates in Madrid Platform

imagen MWCC actively participates in Madrid Platform

MWCC has actively participated in Madrid Platform, the largest networking event in Latin America and Europe.

In addition to participating in different round tables, it has designed a workshop on “urban solutions” which has had the support of Madrid Investment Attraction, Flavio Tejada from Arup, Alfonso Vegara from Fundación Metropoli, Laura Calleja from CBRE and Iñaki Abalos from Abalos-Sentkiewicz. All of them have agreed on the potential of Madrid, on its attractiveness as an international city as well as its promising future, surrounded by talent and innovation-sustainability.

Madrid Platform has been the meeting point for small, medium and large companies seeking new markets and wanting to share experiences in what has been considered a unique international meeting, which celebrates its second edition and which makes Madrid the gateway for Latin American businessmen and entrepreneurs to Europe and from Europeans to Latin America.

MWCC has participated in projects around “Entrepreneurship and Innovation”; “Decarbonization and sustainability”; “Start ups” and “Agri-food and technology”, “Sustainability and ecological transition”, “Technology and digital transformation”, “Business and Human Rights” and “International business environment”.