Metropoli Foundation and MWCC launch the Spain Project Cities + Initiative


Metropoli Foundation and MWCC launch the Spain Project Cities + Initiative

image Metropoli Foundation and MWCC launch the Spain Project Cities + Initiative

The Metropoli Foundation and MWCC launch the initiative Spain Project Cities + (Partnerships for Leading Urban Solutions). Both entities share a vision oriented in innovation, in urban and territorial development, in providing urban solutions through construction, engineering and architecture.

The objective of the project is to accelerate the creation of knowledge and innovation for the development of Cities in the area of ​​«Urban Solutions». This collaboration between the parties includes planning, urban design, architecture and the incubation of strategic projects of different territorial scales.

Based on the methodology and experience of the Cities Project, developed by the Metropolis Foundation in 20 of the most innovative cities in the world, city-scale projects will be promoted together with MWCC in collaboration with the public and private sectors. The “City Project” is an instrument that helps cities to define a vision of the future in a participatory way and a selective set of key strategic projects for their transformation. These work methodologies integrate objectives of economic competitiveness, social cohesion and environmental sustainability.

MWCC will be able to support the implementation of these projects through its more than 110 partners and collaborating entities. The experience of Un-Habitat, the International Tourism Organization and other international organizations that have collaboration alliances with the Fundación Metrópoli, shows that helping cities to design their future is a dynamic element for the implementation of solutions urban. On many occasions, the lack of resources to carry out initial research puts a brake on the development of large-scale projects in which MWCC associates will eventually be able to participate. This line of public-private collaboration is the origin of projects of great impact.

This Alliance between Fundación Metrópoli and MWCC will allow collaboration in raising European funds by making its experience and knowledge available to cities to identify and design urban projects, framed within a global vision of the city, that respond to the demands of the Union. to qualify for your funds.

Finally, both entities will collaborate in the presentation of projects to international financial institutions (IFIs). Both MWCC, through its entities, and Metrópoli have extensive international experience in presenting projects aimed at solving the problems posed by the IFIs in the area of ​​urban planning, building and civil engineering and towards which they direct a large part of their money.