Madrid creates district 22, the “City of Madrid”


Madrid creates district 22, the “City of Madrid”

imagen Madrid creates district 22, the “City of Madrid”

At MWCC we have been working on this project since the year of our constitution, 2020. Madrid will have district 22, its Financial City. It will be located between the Cinco Torres area and Madrid Nuevo Norte. This measure will soon be taken to the plenary session of the City Council and will be an organic modification of it.

This financial district will have its own legal framework that will make it the area of ​​Europe with the best conditions to invest. It will be the own brand with which to carry out campaigns to attract investment and companies abroad, as the City of London or the Frankfurt Financial District already have.

It will have two extraordinary advantages, firstly, a brand will be created for the city of Madrid, to compete with the City in London, and also an administrative demarcation that will make it possible to single out the public services that will have to be provided, with very different from the rest of the districts, but at the same time, it will be a symbol of the city.

It will allow competition on equal terms with the whole of Europe, with a privileged situation, and a message will be sent to all those who want investment opportunities, that they will have an administration at their service, and it will single out the issues regarding the financial district.

It will have the necessary public services for the development of a relevant investment and innovation area: a regulatory framework for sandboxing, special urban furniture and pioneering sustainable mobility projects that will serve as a laboratory for the rest of the city, which will result in more and better employment in the city.