L35 joins Madrid Capital


L35 joins Madrid Capital

imagen L35 joins Madrid Capital

Madrid Capital World adds a new strategic partner, the International Architecture Study L35.

L35 is an international study, with 12 headquarters (between offices and associated studies) formed by a team of professionals dedicated to architecture, urban planning and design.

The study covers all the phases of the project: from the initial conception and urban developments, to the work management, through all stages of management and development of projects.

In the 35 countries in which they have developed projects, they have managed to understand very well the cultural context in which the project would be integrated, as well as the habits, needs and sensibilities of the users of their architecture. They do projects that are born from local culture and provide them with the value of their international experience. They convert spaces into activity containers, new experiences, connection and relationship between people.

For David Garcia Nuñez, president of MWCC “the adhesion of the architecture study L35, is essential not only because of its international experience but also for its key role as an architecture study linked to cities and people”