JUAN XXIII FOUNDATION and MWCC join forces to make Madrid a more sustainable and inclusive city


JUAN XXIII FOUNDATION and MWCC join forces to make Madrid a more sustainable and inclusive city

imagen JUAN XXIII FOUNDATION and MWCC join forces to make Madrid a more sustainable and inclusive city
  • This collaboration will allow for the promotion of training, R&D&I, business development, green and inclusive employment and the promotion of Madrid and its metropolitan area.
  • JUAN XXIII FOUNDATION carries out this alliance through its line of Green Solutions whose main purpose is to help companies and educational centers become unique, green, diverse, inclusive and full of life spaces.


The JUAN XXIII FOUNDATION, an entity that has been working for more than 55 years for the social and labor inclusion of people in situations of psychosocial vulnerability, especially with intellectual disabilities and/or mental illness, has joined MWCC, the Madrid World Capital Association, an entity promoted by the Madrid City Council and the Community of Madrid, with the aim of promoting training, R&D&I, business development, as well as the promotion of Madrid and its metropolitan area to turn it into a more sustainable and inclusive city .

Through this alliance, FUNDACIÓN JUAN XXIII and MWCC intend to contribute to the development of a green, fair and inclusive transition, promoting sustainable and socially responsible green infrastructure projects. With this, inclusive SBN (Nature-Based Solutions) projects will multiply in Madrid, since they will be an employment opportunity for people in situations of psychosocial vulnerability.

It should be noted that, among the main objectives of MWCC, is to contribute to the comprehensive development of the urban solutions sector in Spain, enabling the improvement of reputation, competitiveness, international influence and the ability to attract talent and investments. of the city of Madrid and its region, as well as their sense of belonging. Furthermore, it aims to take advantage of Madrid’s ecosystem, unique in the world, to position the City and Region as an international reference center for the sector for its promotion, development and adaptation to the demands that society, at a global level, requires at all times.

For its part, the JUAN XXIII FOUNDATION’s line of Green Solutions has as its main purpose helping entities, institutions, companies and educational centers to become unique, green, diverse, inclusive and full of life spaces, because, currently, having green and sustainable areas in the urban environment is no longer an option, but a necessity.

Thanks to this service, the Foundation creates green and innovative spaces, in urban areas or work centers, among others, where ecology, inclusion and learning merge, contributing to the improvement of the air quality of our cities and facilitating coexistence, conciliation and raising awareness. In addition, they have a multidisciplinary team, in turn generating quality employment for people with disabilities, the main mission of this foundation.

For Thais Valero, Green Solutions manager at FUNDACIÓN JUAN XXIII, “this alliance paves the way for Fundación Juan XXIII to collaborate within the construction ecosystem so that Madrid is a more accessible city that promotes green, inclusive and innovative employment.

“It is a great opportunity to give visibility to diversity and to build opportunities for people at risk of psychosocial vulnerability in the field of green infrastructure.”

For his part, David García Nuñez, president of MWCC, stated “we are facing an extremely positive alliance for both entities. This agreement reinforces the founding objectives of MWCC, an entity with a vocation for public service and private collaboration. We are obliged to ensure that our cities are sustainable, innovative and improve the quality of life of all citizens, without distinction. We should not and cannot assume the existence of vulnerable groups, which are displaced and not integrated. It is time to work for them and for them.”