Incope Consultores joins Madrid Capital Mundial


Incope Consultores joins Madrid Capital Mundial

imagen Incope Consultores joins Madrid Capital Mundial

Incope Consultores has joined the business ecosystem of Madrid Capital Mundial. It is a consultancy company specializing in the occupational risk prevention market, with specialized departments in coordination of health and safety, self-protection, tunnel safety, training and road safety.

It offers a comprehensive service covering, both in the public and private spheres, legal and legal aspects in different types of work. As for example in civil works, construction, installations, telecommunications and agroforestry.

The company has training and research programs to prepare and fulfill the technical and preventive needs of a project. Having presence in national and international congresses.

In addition, it has official experts from the College of Civil Engineers, Canals and Ports, specialized in occupational risk prevention and crimes against the safety of workers.

For David García Nuñez, president of MWCC, “the signing of this collaboration agreement between both entities is one more example of how business synergies are taken advantage of in Madrid, creating an ecosystem of alliances to continue leading innovation, growth, talent and the business development of the country, managing to make the region a true benchmark”.