Foreign investment in the real estate sector in Spain exceeds 29,000 million euros in the last four years


Foreign investment in the real estate sector in Spain exceeds 29,000 million euros in the last four years

image Foreign investment in the real estate sector in Spain exceeds 29,000 million euros in the last four years
  • The University of Navarra launches a new Master in Real Estate on its Madrid campus in collaboration with the IESE Business School faculty


In terms of GDP, Spain is the second international market with the highest real estate investment, ahead of countries such as the United States, Germany and France, and only behind the United Kingdom, with foreign investment in the last four years of more than 29,000 million euros.

With the aim of helping the professionalization of the Real Estate sector, the University of Navarra will offer – starting next year 21-22 at its Madrid campus – a new Master’s Degree in Real Estate Strategy and Business / Master’s Degree in Real Estate, with the collaboration of the IESE Business School faculty.

As explained by its academic director, Mayka García Hípola -doctoral professor in Architecture at the School of Architecture of the University of Navarra- “We are currently immersed in a digital, social, environmental and urban revolution that is transforming our way of life -from this it is derived that 14% of the operations of the real estate sector are residential and 4% correspond to hotels-, to work -21% are focused on offices and 9% to industry- and to buy: the 10% of real estate operations are now retail (commercial) ”.

“In addition”, adds the expert, “alternatives are being strongly incorporated into the traditional options that put the collective before the individual -co-working and co-living-, the decentralized versus the localized, or hybrid options that mix the residential with the commercial and / or with the offices ”. “New business models are also emerging with force, such as built to rent, and already 42% of operations are on land. Hence, it is a growing strategic field that requires professionals with a solid theoretical, ethical and practical training ”, she details.

Madrid World Capital of Construction

Recently the School of Architecture of the University of Navarra has been incorporated as an academic partner of MWCC (Madrid World Capital of Construction), “an ecosystem with more than 80 public and private entities, companies, architecture and engineering studies that, from the city from Madrid, they are committed to international leadership in a sector in which we have a competitive advantage ”, assures the director of the program.

This Master – which may be taken in double format with the University Enabling Master in Architecture (MUA) – has an external internship module, in addition to the Master’s Final Project, and with specific training in Data Analysis. “The heart of the program is a solid academic training with a central role of Ethics as an underlying principle in all actions and decisions taken in the field of Real Estate”, underlines the director of the School of Architecture, Miguel A. Alonso del Val. “The MRE completes the training offer that the School has offered in Madrid since 2015 with the MDGAE, the MUA and the double MAS program, with the aim, in this case, of expanding our scope to other professionals in the sector, such as economists, engineers or technical architects ”, culminates.