Componentes y Unidades Constructivas joins MWCC to promote industrialized construction


Componentes y Unidades Constructivas joins MWCC to promote industrialized construction

imagen Componentes y Unidades Constructivas joins MWCC to promote industrialized construction

Componentes y Unidades Constructivas, the first engineering company in Spain specializing in industrialized construction, has joined the “Madrid World Capital of Construction, Engineering and Architecture (MWCC)” Association, whose mission is to improve the competitiveness of architecture, engineering and Spanish construction and strengthen the ability to attract talent and investment, to consolidate Madrid’s international position as a world benchmark for architecture, engineering and construction.

Begoña López Ferrer, CEO of Componentes, leads one of the teams with the highest degree of specialization in industrialization in this country. “We want to transfer to the sector all our experience and all the value of the figure of specialized Industrialization Engineering” points out Begoña.

“Product-Process Engineering” allows designing, optimizing, operating, controlling and managing processes for transforming materials into products in a sustainable, safe, fast and lower cost way. Working in collaboration with promoters, construction companies, architects and industrialists, we are able to safely implement this industrial transformation that the construction sector so desperately needs and that society demands of us.

For just over 20 years, the Componentes team has worked on a multitude of industrialized projects: more than fifty schools, hospitals, residences, restaurants, unique buildings, etc., among which were the residences of the city Real Madrid sports complex, together with the architect Carlos Lamela, and the construction companies FCC and San José, more than 6,000 square meters were built in just 4 months. Likewise, it was the team that drew up the initial blueprint for the Zendal hospital together with the AIDHOS architecture studio, and that has industrialized the expansion of the 12 de Octubre Hospital for Sacyr, helping to contain costs and reduce execution times.

Componentes is currently focused on the Residential Sector in Spain, where a large part of the constructive demand of this country is concentrated, based on the housing needs of our society, which demands not only the volume of investment in new homes, but also higher quality, lower term, lower cost and more sustainable buildings both environmentally and energetically.

The great revolution that Componentes brings to the sector lies in designing from the early phases of the Preliminary Project, through a COMPLETE PRODUCT TECHNICAL PLATFORM, the set of Componentes y Unidades Constructivas that the project needs. The approach is based on developing the largest possible number of complete construction elements in the factory, which will later give shape to the finished building, with a precise and efficient industrial organization. From sections of patios that integrate facilities, to a complete room, such as the bathroom, structures, facades, foundations, etc.

“By being able to manufacture the components of a building industrially, all the effectiveness and efficiency are transferred to both the quality of the product and its cost. An integration with millimeter tolerances is proposed, and it is planned and executed following an industrial organization by assembly. This allows improving the quality of the manufactured elements, reducing costs, strict quality controls, safety and sustainability, improving not only the product but also the quality of life of people”.