CITYTHINKING joins MWCC to promote the construction of affordable housing in Madrid


CITYTHINKING joins MWCC to promote the construction of affordable housing in Madrid

imagen CITYTHINKING joins MWCC to promote the construction of affordable housing in Madrid

The Sevillian company will contribute more than 25 years of experience and knowledge in the development of international projects for residential neighborhoods of industrialized housing, to position the Spanish capital as an example of sustainable urban development

CITYTHINKING by EDDEA, an international strategic consultancy based in Seville and focused on the urban and architectural design of sustainable residential neighborhoods applying industrialization criteria, has just joined the association “Madrid World Capital of Construction, Engineering and Architecture (MWCC)”, whose mission is to improve the competitiveness of Spanish architecture, engineering and construction and strengthen the ability to attract talent and investment.

“We want to contribute our international experience in the construction of industrialized housing in urban extensions designed with criteria of sustainability and efficiency”, says José María de Cárdenas, CEO and Founder of CITYTHINKING, and points out that “with our CITYPLAIN Modular Design Platform we have built more than 6,000 homes in the last two years alone.”

“This technological solution can contribute to the rapid growth of the region while serving in less time and at a lower cost the growing demand for housing that is aimed at people with lower incomes”, explains de Cárdenas and assures that “it will support the affordable housing policy within a framework of integrated and sustainable growth established by the Community of Madrid”.

CITYPLAIN has been developed in collaboration with Microsoft Azure and, thanks to its modular system that combines urban and architectural elements, allows the design of mixed-use residential districts in an integral way. CITYPLAIN empowers designers so that in just a few minutes they can create urban scenarios and residential configurations with standardized elements that the platform transforms into detail plans in BIM format. It is a collaborative tool where developers, public administrations, builders and design teams can work on a single 3D model and which allows the resolution of complex urban and architectural systems with multiple variables, integrating functional, environmental and social factors.

“By optimizing the urban fabric based on these variables, and always focused on facilitating the construction of industrialized housing between 3 and 7 floors, well-planned urban ecosystems centered on the citizen are generated, where the system of open spaces, equipment or of mobility can be tested before its construction”, explains the CEO and Founder of CITYTHINKING. “Our cities will be more inclusive, more comfortable, they will reduce their carbon footprint and they will be better prepared for climate change”, concludes José María de Cárdenas.

For the president of MWCC, David Garcia Nuñez, “Citythinking’s participation in the business ecosystem created and unique in the world is a clear reference to our character, intimately linked to urban solutions and cities. We will continue adding projects by and for the citizens”