Aire Limpio Group joins the MWCC


Aire Limpio Group joins the MWCC

imagen Aire Limpio Group joins the MWCC

Grupo Aire Limpio, a leader in sustainable building solutions, has joined the Madrid World Capital of Engineering, Construction and Architecture (MWCC) association, consolidating its shared commitment to the promotion of more sustainable and environmentally friendly practices in the sector.

This membership seeks to strengthen the collaboration between Grupo Aire Limpio and MWCC to promote innovation, research and the implementation of green technologies, not only in building projects in the Madrid region, but also on an international scale.

Grupo Aire Limpio’s commitment to sustainability is reflected in its track record of innovative solutions that incorporate eco-friendly technologies and sustainable construction practices, focused on improving reliability and sustainability in buildings. This partnership with MWCC reinforces Grupo Aire Limpio’s position as a key player in promoting a greener approach to building locally and internationally.

Grupo Aire Limpio is made up of the companies Aire Limpio, Ambisalud, Commtech and Acsos, specialised in products and services for indoor environmental quality, commissioning of facilities and obtaining sustainability and wellness certifications, as well as functional measurements and audits. All this under the umbrella of caring for people’s health and the ESG of buildings.

MWCC is an initiative that recognises and promotes Madrid as a world leader in driving sustainability and innovation in the construction industry, setting higher standards for the development of urban and architectural projects.